Life after college; slow adjustments, bumps here and there

Now that it’s been a little bit more than a month of work, I think I’ve more or less adjusted to the working lifestyle. It’s not so bad I suppose. I don’t have one of those jobs that sucks the life out of you, but at the same time I pretty sure this is not what I want to do forever, but I suppose I still have a lot to learn and see.

I do see what people mean, when they say that life after college it becomes a lot harder to meet people. You don’t really have a contained and safe social setting anymore. Instead the landscape is a lot wider and the people (that you’d want to interact with) fewer. But that’s why I guess you have to be brave and just seek out new experiences yourself. In the meantime, I still appreciate my “me” time. Even if its just dinner and a glass of wine by myself next to the Netflix.
2012-09-05 18.32.10

In fact dinners by myself aren’t so bad.
2012-09-13 19.10.59
2012-09-13 19.11.11
Quinoa pilaf with cherry tomatoes, basil and some cow’s milk cheese.

And then there are always these little munchkins to play with
2012-09-16 01.28.33

And the views are always appreciated
2012-09-15 23.16.44


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