Great Scotch: In pursuit of the perfect soft boiled scotch egg

So I’ve been wanting to write about this for 2 weeks now, ever since I did master the art of the scotch egg – a great English tradition, which was surprisingly easy.

Instead of writing this post, I’ve been dwindling my night times with some reading (Speak Memorynow, but not too long ago I finally finished reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman – wonderful read if you’re into fantasy), tv shows (White Collar, Nikita, Grimm) and cleaning my apartment.

The scotch egg, or my little experiment with it, happened back over labor day weekend. I had never made one before, but this wasn’t a bad start. I hope to make more some time when I entertain more guests.

You see, the Scotch Egg by itself it rather unassuming.
Photo Sep 03, 2 51 37 PM
It’s a little darker than I’d like it to be (probably because I let it fry for too long).

The Scotch Egg, is this soft (or hard – depending on your preferences) boiled egg, covered in ground meat that’s been spiced (or rather should be) that’s then breaded and deep fried. I like to add a bunch of spices to my ground meat. According to some article (I don’t remember which anymore), the Scotch Egg most likely came from some Indian dish, where the meat was probably curried. So, in my opinion, the more spices the better. Of course, choose spices that go well together. But at least for me, paprika, red pepper powder, cumin, chinese five spice and nutmeg all go into mine. I also like to double bread mine, first with flour, egg, and then panko. The double breading gives you that extra crispiness.

By itself, it’s probably a little on the plain side, but does make for a nice hearty snack.

However, with some Kewpie and Katsu sauce, it’s absolutely stunning.
Photo Sep 03, 2 53 01 PM
Photo Sep 03, 2 53 29 PM
It really does make a difference.

Afterwards, just because I can, fresh basil on the side.
Photo Sep 03, 2 53 34 PM

And we make the cut here.
Photo Sep 03, 2 53 57 PM

There’s a nice little surprise inside, if you like your eggs soft boiled
Photo Sep 03, 2 54 11 PM
Yup, gorgeous gooey egg. That my friends, is the Scotch Egg.


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