Labor holiday festivities: creme brulee, pancakes and gnocchi

My labor day weekend was a relatively quiet one. Friday night Ray flew in. We just chilled and rested. In the morning, we cooked (and ate what was already cooked, and then ate some more).

There was creme brulee left over from Friday.
2012-09-01 12.34.47
I try to make creme brulee whenever Ray visits, because it’s easy and it’s his favorite dessert. We also make it a point to order creme brulee whenever it’s on the menu when we’re dining out. It’s such a simple dessert – just cream, egg yolks and sugar. But, when it’s done it’s absolutely divine. It’s that perfect moment when you break the bruleed sugar and dig inside to the creamy custard.

After that, we decided we wanted some ‘real’ breakfast, which meant sweet potato pancakes. Now, this visit, Ray brought his mickey pan. His sister had bought it for him sometime this year, but it had always just been sitting around in his room collecting dust. Since it’s much easier to cook at my place than his, he brought it over and we finally tried it out.
Photo Sep 01, 1 37 41 PM

And the finish product:
Photo Sep 01, 1 35 48 PM
He’s a little burnt. I took him out a bit too late since I didn’t realize that you had to cook both sides.

But, nothing that a little chantilly and real maple syrup can’t fix
2012-09-01 13.47.17
2012-09-01 13.48.47

After breakfast, I think we skipped lunch since we were pretty full (and we didn’t eat breakfast until 12, as is customary on our weekends).

I did cook dinner.
Photo Sep 01, 7 29 50 PM
(Not a presentable dish when you’re eating with company)

For dinner I wanted to make gnocchi with tomato sauce. I was trying to recreate that perfect gnocchi dish that I 2 months ago at Manzo. I managed to make the tomato sauce and improve a little bit upon it. Paprika and some red pepper adds a nice little kick, but again, I found that the chicken stock is really the key to making it super savory. The richness of the stock just goes so well with the sourness of the tomatoes.

But, add a little chopped basil and cheese. Pour the wine, and voila!
Photo Sep 01, 7 36 06 PM
Photo Sep 01, 7 36 12 PM
You now have something as good as a dish served at one of those fancy Italian places.

I also discovered that you can cook the gnocchi in the sauce and it comes out fine. However, if you have a deep pot (like I did), some of the gnocchi at the top might be undercooked.

And to finish off the night
2012-09-01 21.58.33
2012-09-01 21.58.40
Movie + Dessert


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