The not-so-hidden art and some other little treasures in Chelsea

One of my favorite spots to just walk around is the Highline in Chelsea. It’s a little bit crowded on the weekend, so the Highline is nicer to walk around when it’s quieter.
2012-07-22 17.56.01
2012-07-22 18.06.29
2012-07-22 18.06.08
Nonetheless, the views from the Highline are some of the most scenic in New York.

Walking around Chelsea, it’s really quite pretty. This is the Maritime Hotel, currently being converted into the Dream Downtown Hotel. This hotel is the one that Ray and I always run into when we’re in the area and need a bathroom break.
2012-07-22 16.13.23
2012-08-04 17.54.26
It’s much better and comfortable than using a public bathroom on the Highline. And, as long as you walk in like it’s nobody’s business, nobody asks any questions.

The ceiling of the lobby is pretty cool. It’s right below the swimming pool, so you can see the reflection of the water on the ground inside.
2012-08-04 17.54.31
The ceiling.

In fact, this place is pretty cool when you go poking your nose around. There’s a gallery in the loading dock.
2012-08-04 17.42.30
2012-08-04 17.42.19
It kind of cool because the only other place you see art that’s so casual is just the graffiti around the city.

Also in the area is the Chelsea Market. It’s a lovely place full of wonderful kitchen babbles.
2012-07-22 16.56.23

Even better, they have washi-paper tea canisters.
2012-07-22 16.56.02
2012-07-22 16.56.15

Several blocks from the Highline, where the boutiques and art galleries are, is the Comme Des Garcons boutique.
2012-08-04 17.03.23
It’s a pretty interestingly designed store. The stuff inside is also reminiscent of a child’s doll’s clothing. It’s kind of quirky. Unfortunately, the store clerks didn’t want any photography.

Outside the boutique is even cooler.
2012-08-04 16.57.26
2012-08-04 16.57.21
2012-08-04 16.58.20

If you look at the side walk…
2012-08-04 16.57.48
2012-08-04 16.57.54
You’ll see the cars.

There are even a couple Mao’s around
2012-08-04 16.58.03


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