Afternoon tea drunk to forget the din of the world

Geez, it’s September now. It’s hard to believe I’ve been working for about a month now. And, this weekend I’m back home in Indiana visiting my mum.

Today’s post is about tea. I really do like tea. (Somehow, magically, I’ve even gotten Ray to start drinking it on his own free will!) This fascination probably started back when I was studying abroad in Beijing. I went to a tea store to buy a gift and had a tea tasting. During that visit, I finally learned how to appreciate oolong. As a result, I’m a little bit of a tea snob now. I’ll admit, I’m not an expert, but I do know what good tea tastes like, and I know what bad over-steeped, low quality tea also tastes like.

That being said, when it comes to high tea, it’s not the tea that’s memorable. Instead, it’s all those fancy tea sandwiches and tea pastries that come with the tea that make you smile!
2012-07-31 13.57.45
Bosie Tea Parlor, tea for one.

2012-07-31 13.58.00
2012-07-31 13.57.53
How could you say no to such a nice spread? It’s double cream with warm scones and jam – makes the perfect afternoon.

In addition, financiers do hit a real sweet spot for me.
2012-07-31 13.58.05
Photo Aug 05, 5 44 10 PM

I ended up going to Bosie Tea Parlor twice in my month in New York. Once with my friend Jen, who was in town for a couple of days, and again, with Ray. Both times we split the tea for one. It’s a lot of food and easily can provide for two people. The second time we also got an Ispahan.
Photo Aug 05, 5 43 51 PM
The Ispahan is the rose, raspberry, lychee, and macaron pastry.

I think the invention of the Ispahan is attributed to Pierre Hermes. (Not completely sure, but I think I read it somewhere that he came up with the flavor combination sometime in his youth.) The flavor combination works, the sweetness and richness of the pastry cream is balanced out by the lychee and the raspberry.

The Ispahan is one of those beautiful pastries (aptly named after the ‘Pompon des Princes’ Ispahan rose) to look at, but you’re just not completely sure how to eat it.
Photo Aug 05, 5 45 00 PM
Photo Aug 05, 5 45 07 PM
It’s kind of tall, a little too tall to just cut all the way through it and take a bite. At the same time the macaron cookies are a bit hard to cut through too. Then again, eating it with your hands just seems a little uncouth.

So we did our best with the fork.
Photo Aug 05, 5 58 17 PM
The inside of the Ispahan is also quite beautifully constructed. In fact, if you want to see it in the process of being put together, instead of my half-eaten picture, this was a nice site for the construction.

As for the rest of the tea for tea, Bosie’s tea sandwiches are actually up there in terms of tea sandwiches I’ve had. In terms of my previous experiences, Lady Mendl’s and Lady M tea sandwiches were kind of dry and a little on the flavorless side, so Bosie’s tea sandwiches certainly are refreshing
Photo Aug 05, 5 44 03 PM


One thought on “Afternoon tea drunk to forget the din of the world

  1. High tea is one of my most favorite things ever. If you’re ever in Minneapolis, MN you should go to Cafe Latte for high tea. I no longer live there, but I visit every time I go back. I’ll add Bosie Tea Parlor to my list the next time I’m in NY. Thanks!

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