Japanese sweets and I’ll lay off the nigori for a while

Remember how I was talking about nigori here. Well, I’m probably not going to drink it any time soon. Or rather, I’m not going to be drinking more than a glass of it anytime soon. I still think its really delicious and creamy, but the last time I had it, I got a little too tipsy and then attempted to take the subway back to the UWS. I then proceeded to get really bad motion sickness to the point that I had to squat on a subway car or else I would have thrown up and blacked out (in no particular order). Luckily, nothing happened. I just looked pretty awkward with my head in between my knees in the middle of a 1 train going uptown.

But anyways, I still had a good time that night. Just probably shouldn’t have drank so much. I’m a bit of a light weight if it wasn’t already apparent. I also get pretty red when I do drink. It’s gotten worse lately as I’ve reduced my alcohol consumption this past summer compared to my last quarter in school. (In addition, my mother took my alcohol when I moved out of my old student apartment.)

Photo Jul 17, 8 08 25 PM
The nigori.

Photo Jul 17, 8 08 54 PM
Poured generously into my glass.

Anyways, the 3rd week of July, Ray and I went to Kyotofu. We had actually been there last winter, during one of my visits to New York. This was back when they were just getting started (I think). But it was still pretty good. it’s a little amusing because Kyotofu’s interior looks like it might be a night club or something, but they serve really cute desserts.

But I would say that their savory dishes aren’t too bad either. In fact I rather like the pork belly. But when have I ever said no to good pork belly?
Photo Jul 17, 8 15 06 PM
Photo Jul 17, 8 15 02 PM
Sake braised pork belly with an onigiri on the side. Succulent pork belly dripping in sauce.

And tiger shrimp croquettes
Photo Jul 17, 8 14 50 PM
Panko breaded and fried.

But finally, onto the dessert, the main attraction

Kyotofu’s signature sweet tofu
2012-07-17 20.34.23
2012-07-17 20.34.41
This was a tofu dish, which was more like a custard, with some syrup on top. It had kuromitsu black sugar syrup (the black liquid you see on top), which I’ve never really had before. It’s apparently literally translated to “black honey”. It’s definitely something I haven’t seen outside of Japanese sweets. The texture and viscosity isn’t unpleasant. I’d probably eat it again on wagashi, those Japanese confections you can get at Minamoto Kitchoan.

Dessert platter of yuzu citrus tofu cheesecake, green tea creme brulee, warm mochi chocolate cake, matcha chocolates, and in the middle, the summer anmitsu.
Photo Jul 17, 8 44 42 PM
Photo Jul 17, 8 43 51 PM
Photo Jul 17, 8 44 17 PM
Photo Jul 17, 8 44 28 PM
Photo Jul 17, 8 44 00 PM
Photo Jul 17, 8 44 09 PM
I really liked the matcha chocolates for what ever reason. Most likely because they remind me of those match kit kats you can’t quite get in the US. The summer anmitsu was pretty good too, kind of like a richer take of the typical shaved ice dishes you can get in Chinatown.

And we finished off the meal with some macarons.
Photo Jul 17, 8 53 32 PM
Can’t complain. It was a good night. Most of these desserts are done well. They’re fairly simple but nicely presented. It kind of reminds me a little bit of Spot Dessert Bar in St. Marks.


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