When all of this has come and gone, there will still be bridges

In my last weekend in NYC during my month long stay, for Ray’s birthday we went on a bridges and infrastructure boat tour. I don’t really care too much about bridges and infrastructure. In fact, I had originally thought it was a bridges and architecture tour. But, Ray is an engineer, and these are things that interest engineers (I think).  It turned out to be a lot of fun. The views were gorgeous and I did learn quite a bit about the history of Manhattan.

So that afternoon, we headed down to Chelsea pier, ate some soup at the little cafe that’s located next to the boats.
Photo Aug 04, 1 45 50 PM
The soup was pretty tasty. I think it was something like corn chowder. Either way, good start to the day.

The tour was lots of fun. It certainly did feel more special than those super touristy and crowded tours you can take. Better yet, the views of the bridges were certainly breathtaking.
2012-08-04 14.42.51
2012-08-04 15.06.58
2012-08-04 15.37.17
It’s easy to forget to marvel at the feats of modern engineering and design.

It was also a bit amusing since on that boat, we were by far the youngest people, and the only non-white participants, save for an Indian guy who seemed to be familiar with the schooner’s crew.
2012-08-04 15.08.49
2012-08-04 14.31.03
The boat itself was really comfortable. They served us wine, cheese, fruit and some pound cake. In addition, passengers were free to move around the boat, and the front of the boat is definitely the most fun when you’re going fast.

There were some fantastic sights next to the financial district.
2012-08-04 14.14.13

And then next to Brooklyn…
Photo Aug 04, 2 51 43 PM
The professor on the boat narrating the tour talked a little bit in depth about the development of Brooklyn as an industrial town. It’s funny to see it now with its factories abandoned or converted.

It also got quite scenic the further upstate we went.
Photo Aug 04, 3 42 54 PM
Photo Aug 04, 3 52 32 PM
It’s a really wooded area there.

Of course, don’t forget the view of the statue of liberty.
Photo Aug 04, 2 23 26 PM


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