My love for soft boiled eggs and other things I cooked

I’m all moved into my new apartment in Chicago. I still have a few things in storage, but more or less settled in. I do have to buy furniture still, but my new place is livable.

New York, oh New York, boy do I miss it. I’m not sure if it’s the city that I really miss or rather just that part of my life. Probably the latter. But I did make proper use of my time there by learning to make delicious foods. Speaking of making food, I’ve made a few things since I last posted about making cold soba.

Such as soft boiled eggs! I’m a real sucker for soft-boiled eggs. The oh-so-runny yolk is one of my favorite things to eat.
Photo Jul 30, 6 56 30 PM

I think I like them so much because they go with just about any soup/noodle dish. For example, case one: spaghetti.
Photo Jul 30, 6 56 16 PM
Here they are with some spaghetti. Standard sauce of tomatoes, chicken stock, butter, garlic, onions, salt, and some pepper.

Case 2: ramen.
Photo Jul 24, 6 45 42 PM
Here they are with ramen with my own shoyu/tsuyu broth and scallions. In addition, we have sides of kimchi-cheon and fresh tomatoes.

Oh yes, look at the runny egg.
Photo Jul 24, 6 45 52 PM
I know, this is pretty hardcore, soft boiled egg porn.

I did make other things. I tried making onigiri-yaki. I can’t really say that I’m as good at making this one, but I did give it a try.
Photo Jul 19, 7 28 31 PM
It was my first time making onigir-yaki. What I’ve found is that it’s your standard onigiri, but a little tastier since you dabble some sauce on the outside and pan fry. My sauce was a soy/rice vinegar mix. It kind of tasted like I had added mayo to my onigiri.

I made a couple of different types. Just ones with rice seasoned with furikake and ones with the same seasoning stuffed with umeboshi.
Photo Jul 19, 7 28 52 PM
And an egg omelette to top it off.

I made some for Ray to pack too.
Photo Jul 26, 11 56 30 AM
Photo Jul 26, 11 56 35 AM
This one is tofu skin with ikura. Zabars on the UWS has some decent salmon roe.

Ikura is so pretty, especially on soba.
Photo Jul 25, 11 48 12 AM
Photo Jul 25, 11 48 27 AM
Photo credit goes to Ray.


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