A musical weekend and dining at a geisha’s table

At the end of the first week that I was in New York, Ray took me to go see Phantom of the Opera. The score for that musical remains one of my favorites, but until a month ago I had never actually seen a live action rendition (I don’t think the movie with Emmy Rossum counts since she’s no where near as good as Sarah Brightman). It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

The lights and special effects were pretty awesome and the music didn’t disappoint. I actually started tearing up in the opening scene with the chandelier. The guy who played the phantom was also pretty baller and sang better than Raoul.

After Phantom, we took a walk all the way down to NoLita and ate dinner at L’asso followed by soft serve goat’s milk froyo at Victory Garden.

At L’asso we got some bruschetta beforehand and then pizza.
Photo Jul 07, 8 26 49 PM (1)
Photo Jul 07, 8 41 13 PM
L’asso was pretty yummy, although I somehow had better memories of the pizza, but that might have been because we were quite full by the time we got to the pizza. I think the pizza we got was topped with spiced coppa and basil. It was a little heavy and the spiced coppa was tasty but added a little too much salt.

Froyo at Victory Garden’s was surprisingly good. We didn’t expect goat’s milk froyo to be so light and creamy. We even got so excited by it that we started eating before taking any photos. xD
Photo Jul 07, 10 10 53 PM

On Sunday (July 8th) we went kayaking on the Hudson in the evening. It was absolutely gorgeous looking at the night skyline from the river. Foow-wise, we stumbled upon a little gem in the UWS. We had actually passed by it on our way home from Shake Shack earlier that week. It’s Geisha Table.

I was skeptical at first, because I hadn’t heard of any really good sushi places on the UWS. But, I was having a major raw fish craving so we went.

We ended up getting the Omakase (I’m very spoiled now), which included a variety of sashimi + nagiri and yaki tori. The uni at the end was probably the best I’ve ever had.

Photo Jul 08, 5 29 35 PM
Oyster shooter

Photo Jul 08, 5 32 50 PM
mini sandwich

Photo Jul 08, 5 35 37 PM
sashimi platter. The otoro was delicious.

Photo Jul 08, 5 42 27 PM
Skewered fish. Wonderfully roasted, just a tad too overseasoned.

Photo Jul 08, 5 48 03 PM

Photo Jul 08, 5 49 08 PM

Photo Jul 08, 5 50 42 PM
Pork belly

Photo Jul 08, 5 52 22 PM
Kobe beef

Photo Jul 08, 5 56 30 PM
Photo Jul 08, 5 57 19 PM
Photo Jul 08, 5 58 07 PM
Photo Jul 08, 6 02 26 PM
Nigiri, I don’t remember which ones these were, but they were all lightly seasoned and just melt-in-your mouth otoro. The fish was probably on par with the fish I’ve eaten at Arami in Chicago.

Photo Jul 08, 6 00 43 PM
This salmon was really something. It was lightly grilled on the outside, so we thought it might be cooked and kind of dry, but no. it was juicy and fatty on the inside and melted in your mouth just like the other, but the grilling added some warmth and texture.

Finally the uni.
Photo Jul 08, 6 04 29 PM
I’ve heard uni described as the foie gras of sushi. It’s a delicacy. However, in my mind it had always remained one of those acquired taste type things, like chicken feet and wasn’t really that special. I have had uni before and I always kind of grimaced a little bit after eating it. There’s this fishy bitter aftertaste to it that I never quite liked. This time there was none of that. Just more melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The way the uni just went down was so smooth and buttery that I really did see the comparison to foie gras.

Finally we finished with gold leafed otoro.
Photo Jul 08, 6 07 41 PM


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