The days go fast with deliciously fast food

It’s crazy that it’s only about 2 more weeks that I have left before I have to move into my apartment in Chicago and start working. That being said, I still have a lot to post about on the places I’ve been and then things I’ve done.

Recently (maybe in the last two months), a bunch of new places have opened in St. Marks. Including Japadog.

Now you can get tasty hotdogs with a variety of different toppings. I’m really surprised no on had thought of this before now. We got the tonkatsu and kurobuta. (I don’t remember which one was which anymore.) The mayo and the various toppings really do add something to the hotdog and I’m kind of looking forward to going back.

back when I first heard about Japadog, I was anticipating the kobe dog. (Ray and I now have a kobe beef thing after SushiSamba Vegas.) However, when I got there the image of the kobe dog on the menu wasn’t all that appetizing. So, we decided to forgo the kobe dog and get the tonkatsu and kurobuta instead. It was a pretty good choice. We also got shichimi and garlic fries. The fries were kind of ghetto, as in pitifully small amount with no seasoning at first. We later sent them back, and got them re-seasoned, but that didn’t really save the fries too much.

In the past couple of weeks I have also had my very first lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster.
Photo Jul 14, 7 59 00 PM
What can I say? It was buttery, sweet, and succulent. The bread in itself was super buttery and also delicious. I’m really surprised that it was just a super buttered up piece of toast (at least that’s what it looked like).

Did I mention that they also have a Luke’s Lobster in D.C.?


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