Incroyable days in the UES and the best bloody marys

Thinking back to my first weekend back in NYC, I actually did quite a bit that weekend. Saturday, we went back to Cha-an (I forgot to post about it earlier)

Photo Jun 30, 3 01 44 PM
We got the salmon butter toast again. It was just as good as the last time I had it.

Look at how that salmon glistens!
2012-06-30 15.01.53

Then later that evening we tried Family Recipe in the LES. Now on Sunday, I spent the day walking around the UES at Laduree and Shake Shack and later in the evening I met up with some friends in Brooklyn at Do or Dine.

Ray first got me some macarons from Laduree last fall, but I had never set foot in their store until this past month. It is soooooo pretty. It’s like walking into one of those fancy girly french boudoirs. There are fleur-de-lis designs all over the wall in silver/gold. It’s just very pretty and gilded. (How French!) Too bad I didn’t take any photos. Ray and I bought some macarons and some ice cream.
The ice cream was okay. I wouldn’t say it was the best ice cream I’ve had, but it was decent. The macaron cookie on the top was pretty tasty. I think we got coffee and caramel. However, what I do want to say is that their macarons are quite phenomenon. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures. :c (We got too excited and ate everything.)

Believe me, those macarons are worth every penny. I know some people complain that the cookie part of the macaron isn’t thick enough or that the cookie isn’t quite crisp enough, but I beg to differ. I really like the Laduree macaron because there is a lot of filling. The jams, buttercreams, ganaches, fondants are all pretty top notch. We got the Incroyable fraise bonbon and a green apple. The fraise bonbon is apparently part of Laduree’s new Incroyable macaron set. It’s pretty ‘incroyable’. Apparently it’s filled with a ‘guimauve’, which is just a marshmallow filling. But, the way it blends together with the sugar, macaron cookie is just delightful. It is light and you get that nice strawberry flavor. In addition, it’s  true to its name and really is a ‘bonbon’.

But, back to the main point of this post. What I really want to draw attention to is Do or Dine. Do or Dine is this hipster restaurant in Bed-stuy in Brooklyn. It’s really easy to just past by if you’re not looking for it, especially since they have this big Indian (I think it was Indian) food sign above their door.

The first time we went was earlier this year back in march. See how excited Ray is?!
2012-03-18 18.31.22
I had been keeping tabs on Do or Dine since last summer when they opened with all the foie gras donut controversy and had been wanting to go there every since. (Seriously, when is foie gras a bad idea?)

The first time we went we tried a bunch of their small plates, the foie gras donuts included.

Foie gras donut, it’s oozing foie gras if you can’t tell.
2012-03-18 18.42.33
2012-03-18 18.42.42
The foie gras donut is pretty rich, and if you like foie gras, you’ll like this. It can’t quite compare to the foie-sting that Next: Childhood served, but it’s pretty tasty, especially when it’s warm. When it’s warm, it’s like a foie gras jelly donut.

One of my favorites there is their Bloody Marys. They call them the best bloody marys, and I’d agree.
2012-03-18 18.34.09
2012-03-18 18.34.25
The blood marys are spicy and savory. They’ve got a nice kick to them, if you’re looking for something extra in your bloody marys. They’ve also got a nice topper (so much better than just plain ‘ol celery).

The first time we went, we got a bunch of small plates, and then decided that it was also a good idea to get a large plate (that we didn’t think was so large) of fish and chips.
2012-03-18 19.06.30
2012-03-18 19.06.43
It turns out it’s actually quite large and a bad idea if you get 3 small plates and blood marys.

It came out and was an entire fish that was about the size of my head.
Photo Mar 18, 7 06 38 PM
…with tons of fries as well. Pretty tasty, but by the end of the meal, I was ready to burst all over the place.

But this past month when we went, we learned our lesson and ordered on the lighter side. We got two small plates and bloody marys since we were still kind of full from our shake shack earlier in the day.

This time we got a scotch egg and the cold pizza terrine. (Got to excited for the food and forgot to take pictures of the scotch egg)
Photo Jul 01, 6 17 55 PM
The cold pizza terrine was more like a lasagna than a pizza, but was good nonetheless. The scotch egg, was as usual quite good. (I’m planning to attempt to make a scotch egg soon. I’ll report on how it goes.)


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