Dinner and a movie date, plus a side of cone

I’m currently sitting through a webinar and am passing my boredom by blogging. I really should pay attention, but federal mortgage law and California’s inability to manage its finances is really really dry. Instead I want to document my first weekend back in NYC. We went to a couple of places and saw a movie. Also found a couple of really cute places including Sundaes and Cones in East Village and Family Recipe in LES. 3 Saturdays ago, I dragged Ray to go see Magic Mike with me. It was supposed to be dinner and a movie, the traditional date. We tried this new place in the LES called Family Recipe.

Family Recipe is this cute little Japanese/English fusion(?) restaurant owned by this little Japanese woman. She’s pretty cute looking, but has that Japanese (asian) woman death stare. I would recommend checking out Family Recipe. It’s pretty cute and the food is good. Oh, I also have to mention, the sake is pretty great. We had some sake flights, but my favorite was probably the nigori. The nigori sake is an unfiltered sake, which means it’s got a milky look instead of being clear. It’s also quite sweet and delicious. It’s probably my favorite sake as of right now. Ray didn’t take pictures of the sake flights, so I don’t have any pictures of it. :c

But if you go to Family Recipe, do try the Grass-fed Short Rib Buns and the Kobe Beef Meat Balls. They’re quite tasty, especially the buns. There’s some sort of dressing used in the buns that really just hits the sweet spot in the buns, and it should rank up there in terms of buns. The ribs are excellently seasoned and dressed with some sort of sauce that kind of resembles ponzu but isn’t. The jus from the meat and the sauce get combined at the bottom, where the bun soaks it up, to create this pretty awesome mixture that really makes you want to order more.  (we practiced some self control and didn’t.)

Grass-fed Short Rib Buns
Photo Jun 30, 7 59 36 PM 2012-06-30 19.59.00
Sorry for the inconsistent photographs. Ray and I ended up combining our photos. and Kobe Beef Meatballs

Photo Jun 30, 8 15 18 PM It’s hard to accurately judge the kobe beef meatballs because by the time we got them we were quite stuffed. But even in our state of decreasing marginal utility food consumption, they were still quite tasty. The meatballs were just a tad underseasoned, but once combined with the spread, it was just right.

After being quite stuffed at Family Recipe, we decided to walk our way up to the AMC Loews to see Magic Mike. On our way there we stumbled upon Sundaes and Cones. (It’s right next to the AMC Loews movie theater.) 2012-06-30 21.14.16 It’s a pretty cute ice cream shop. They have a few flavors you don’t really see at conventional places like ginger and black sesame. of course, I know that if you go to those fancy gelato places they have flavors like that, but we really enjoyed our ice cream cones. Photo Jun 30, 9 17 30 PM Ray got the orange creamsicle and I got coconut. Sweet milky coconut ice cream. It’s creamy and rich without being too heavy.


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