New adventures in the city that never sleeps

So for the month of July, I’m spending it in NYC. It’s quite nice. I don’t have any commitments for once and it’s basically like a nice long vacation before work starts in August. Then its back to Chicago. In the meantime I’m going out to eat, I’m doing new activities, and I’m reading new books. Just finished a Murakami novel last week, reading his short stories right now. In the meantime I’ve gone back to Do or Dine, tried Family Recipe in LES, and found a lovely sushi place in UWS.

New things Include playing around in a fire hydrant in a nice dress
Photo Jul 07, 10 52 10 PM

and fried oreos, which I thought I would never eat.
Photo Jun 14, 8 50 55 PM
They’re actually quite good. They go very well with ice cream. Try them at Mel’s Burger next to Columbia.

Ray and I made a list things to do in the month of July, so far we’ve done about a good 1/3 of the list. It includes things like going to see Phantom of the Opera and night time kayaking in the Hudson. I’m planning on documenting it all, but there’s so much so I’ll probably skip over a lot of things, but oh well.

Before I start the whole documentation process, I just want to introduce my new part-to-full time food photographer:
He’s gotten into taking photos, especially when I’m too excited/hungry to remember to take a photo before I eat. Of course he doesn’t take photos as well as me, but he’ll do. 😛 It’s like asians taking photos of food, except it’s only Ray.

At Lady M Cake Boutique in UES:
Ray’s comment was that the non-cake entrees were disappointing, but the cake was good.

So more to come later. I didn’t want to spoil any entries that I write later with previews of the food.


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