Highlights of my last UChicago Fall Quarter

It’s really quite crazy how fast this quarter past by. I totally have no idea where the time went. But, reviewing this quarter, its definitely been one of my favorite fall quarters, #1 out of 4!

Even better, I didn’t get terribly sick this quarter like my second year when I got inflammatory bronchitis and ended up sick and drugged up during finals. I didn’t have any incredible drama. The job hunt has definitely been kind of stressful and I got a little burnt out with it. I also feel like my classes should have been stressing me out more, but the fact that this was my last fall quarter ever kind of put things into a different perspective.

Anyways, some things that made the quarter quite wonderful:

Cheese. Miranda and I would have nights were we would just eat cheese and Triscuits as a midnight snack. Honey goat cheese is quite tasty on top of a Triscuit. In addition, cheese + wine + crackers + jam + fancy mustard + fresh fruit is a pretty awesome way to spend an afternoon just relaxing and reflecting.
Cheese at Tru!

Fancy dinners! Doesn’t even have to be at a restaurant. Since I moved out of housing, at the beginning of the quarter my apartment-mates and I have a nice little beginning of the quarter potluck. Its a nice way to bond with the people who matter to you. In addition, the random food that other people make is also quite nice and quite a treat. Food somehow always taste better when someone else has made it, somehow seems fancier because you don’t know the process that went into it. I am thankful for all the spicy butternut squash soup and swiss cheese + salami + avocado topped toasts I’ve eaten.
Of course the fancy dinners out are also appreciated.

My aKDPhi sisters. It’s been a long long process of chartering and maintaining the UChicago Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi. I’m not sure if I would do it again, but I’m so thankful I had the opportunity. I’ve learned so much about people, interpersonal relationships, leadership, organizational management, and just life lessons. I’ve also had the most incredible opportunity to form relationships with people that I would have never otherwise bothered to meet.

My cats. They’re furry, cute and nice to pet. I don’t think I need any other reasons.

Cooking/Baking! In the same vein as coffee, after you bake something the world just seems better. I think we actually made a lot of stuff this quarter. Everything was made from scratch with the exception of the chocolate cake which included box cake mix + really fancy chocolate and coffee.
Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cream cheese bread, pumpkin flan, apple pie, lemon bars, lemon curd, chocolate lava cake.

Making brunch on the weekends. I really like brunch, especially the ones that include runny eggs and fancy grilled cheese.

Finishing this post, I realize that it’s incredibly sappy.


One thought on “Highlights of my last UChicago Fall Quarter

  1. UChicago sounds like the type of intellectual, quirky, extremely awesome school I would love to go to. Any tips for a prospie?

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