Parting is just another way of saying we’ll meet again?

When I can’t sleep at night, I try to be productive. This means writing a post about my last weekend in New York City. Boo.

My last day at Time was uneventful. Two people in my group were in the office. Oh well. My last day at Siggi’s was pretty awesome. Kind of sad. I will definitely miss the Siggi’s crew. On a food note, they took me out to Hill Country Chicken. My first ever taste of fried chicken in Manhattan. xD

Hill Country Chicken vaguely reminds me of Dixie Kitchen decor that was once part of the now closed Calypso. Only vaguely.
Hill Country Chicken is so bright and yellow. So happy!

Seriously though, their pies look so delicious on display.
Who wouldn’t want a whiskey apple pie or a bourbon pecan pie?

I got some fried chicken sandwich. (I think it was the club?)
I think it was a pretty awesome concept sandwich. It had avocadoes, fried chicken (and possibly bacon?). It kind of reminded me of a katsu sandwich that one of my friends, Mallory, made for me, but only a very imitation-southern style of it?

Oh, and the pies!
They have mini pies! They’re so cute! I thought the blueberry was a tad too sweet for me, but the bourbon pecan (which I don’t have a picture of) was delicious. They apparently also make pie shakes? (I haven’t quite figured out what those are, but for some reason, they sound like a pretty awesome addition to a meal of fried chicken.)

Afterwards, we went over to Eataly and got gelato. Eataly gelato is pretty tasty. I highly recommend their coconut gelato
It was rich, creamy, smooth and very very coconut-y. Just the way I like it.

All in all, it was pretty sad to say goodbye to the Siggi’s crew, I will definitely miss it. But, I definitely learned a lot from my project this summer. I now have a new found appreciate for excel modelling. xD

Lesson learned, don’t work for some large impersonal corporation, go work for Siggi’s!

My dinner:
This is a really crappy and over exposed photo. I’m sorry.

So is this one
This is a 5 Napkins’ burger. It was very onion-y and actually reminds me kind of the onion and garlic chinese meatballs that me and my roommate sometimes make. It definitely had that aftertaste. Surprisingly, it also wasn’t that heavy, but I think that was because we got a vegetable dip and we walked all the way from the 70s to Time Sq to watch Fright Night afterwards.

In terms of hamburgers, I think the rank would be something like this: shake shack, 5 napkins, burger joint, 5 Guys.

Yes, I’ve had 5 Guys now. I am genuinely not that impressed with the quality of their hamburger. But, I will probably give them another chance since they’re just down the street from where I live and the day I went I was still recovering from a horrible cold.


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