midnight omakase dessert splurge at Spot Dessert Bar

I’m currently back in Chicago as my internships ended last week. New York was really wonderful and I miss it already. More so, I think I miss the carelessness of the summer. It’s also really chilly in Chicago and I apparently can’t just walk around in flip flops and shorts anymore.

I guess now that I’m not actually in New York anymore, I should wrap up my exciting times there! Hehe. In the end I didn’t visit as many dessert bars/pastry shops as I maybe had in my mind, but I was pretty satisfied with what I did get to taste. Maybe I’ll try exploring Chicago.

I managed to go to one really dessert focused place my last month there, Spot Dessert Bar in St. Mark’s. Its a really small place located in the basement of this building  underneath this Pho place. From the outside it definitely looks a littly dingy, and the inside still looks a bit bare, but I feel like most of these feelings go away once the bring out the desserts. In addition, there’s nothing really formal about this place, so no one will reprimand you for wearing your grungiest outfit there. I definitely walked past this place and never noticed it before. It’s really unassuming. Fortunately, the desserts are tastier.

So the time I went to Spot, it was after my Burger Joint venture. Unfortunately, after burger joint, I wasn’t that hungry and then at Spot we made the mistake of thinking we could eat the Omakase. It was 3 desserts of our choice, 2 house specials, cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches. Basically, so much we couldn’t finish it.

We ended up ordering the white Miso Semifreddo, Lemongrass Pavlova, and Flourless Chocolate Cake. I noticed that at Spot, they like to put edible glitter on everything. I don’t know about anyone else, but glitter makes me think crafts and crafts are not edible. 😦 It’s okay, I sucked it up and ate it anyways, not that it was too difficult to ignore the glitter.

Miso Semifreddo
The Miso Semifreddo was definitely very interesting. I’ve never had miso flavored anything besides miso in soup. It had this salty but sweet taste. Kind of like salted caramel, but saltier and with that miso taste. As a result, I’m not crazy about the miso semifreddo, but it was interesting. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t pleasant. I also thought the addition of the raspberry sorbet on the side with the crumble on the bottom of it had this vague nostalgia of cheesecake. Deconstructed cheesecake maybe?

Lemongrass Pavlova
So this one had lemongrass, yuzu, and pavlova in it. Maybe passionfruit as well? I’m not exactly clear what was on it, because I can’t seem to find it on the seasonal menu anymore (I guess they already changed it). It definitely packed a lot of punch in the flavor department. The yuzu and passionfruit would hit you with the tart citrus flavors, but the pavlova and coconut sorbet on the side were a nice way to cut that strong flavor and added balance to the entire dish.

Flourless Chocolate Cake
I’m not sure exactly how great this dessert was, but it was just kind of a nice palate cleanser, tongue reliever after the unusual taste of the semifreddo and the strong flavor of the pavlova. My memories of this dessert were mellow and pleasant. It didn’t carry as much flavor as the any of the other dishes so far, but was definitely welcomed due to the intensity of the other flavors. We have a flourless chocolate cake and coconut ice on the side with fresh fruit and jelly. Again, very mellow; the coconut ice was very mellow.

The kitchen gave us patbingsu, mango mouse, ice cream sandwiches, and cupcakes (no pictures)

Patbingsu is patbingsu. They pretty much all taste the same. Shaved ice, ice cream, fruit, condensed milk, etc. That doesn’t mean I love it any less. It was exactly what you’d expect from patbingsu.

Mango mousse
Also a very mellow dessert. It was nice. There’s not much else I have to say about it. The mousse was creamy smooth and fluffy, exactly the way mousse should be. The chocolate cake was unremarkable and I don’t really remember much about it.

House ice cream sandwiches
I remember the flavors were peanutbutter, chocolate and ovaltine. For some reason I thought ovaltine was this really tasty chocolate-y drink. I was wrong. It’s actually kind of gross in my opinion. It’s kind of got a savory taste to it without actually being savory and its sweetened but not enough to make it taste good. However, I didn’t actually get much of the ovaltine flavors in these ice cream sandwiches. But, by this point I was so full I didn’t eat more than a bite of it.

It was around midnight at this point so we took our cupcakes to go. Unfortunately on the way home they got pretty smashed and deformed, but I did eat half of each the next morning. We got a yuzu cupcake and a matcha cupcake, both were really good, but I’m not a fan of buttercream icing.


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