Sort-of libertine nights with less food than expected

Geez, time really flies. Only 2 more weeks left until I get to go home to my cats. (I go away and all I can think about is going back to my cats.)

Did I relay what happened after I went to wd-50? No?

After wd-50, we ended up walking around LES for a while until we managed to wander to St. Marks again. We wandered down the street, looking for a place to go to the bathroom at. I can’t remember where we finally were able to relieve ourselves, but somehow a couple tattoo parlors caught my eye. Next thing I know, I’m in the chair getting one. Then after that I find myself in the hookah bar next door sitting around smoking gauva and some other hookah flavor for a couple of hours.
I’ve never had this flavor of hookah before (whatever it was, and not that you can tell from the photo).

I want to say I was also sober the entire time for this – only in New York would this happened.

Afterwards I met up with Jina, her brother and a couple of other friends, who managed to get us to do quite a few shots in quick succession. We’re then joined by a bunch of other people and end up at  Kenka for more drinks.
Another round for the table?

Did I mention that Kenka has really cool bathroom graffiti?
“I ate Johnny Depp’s balls today.” + “CROTCH”

More amusement:
“I think therefore I YAM”

Apparently, “I WILL EAT MORE PUSS.”

Okay, so maybe I’m the only one that finds the graffiti amusing. Anyways, I think I stayed in the bathroom at Kenka longer than I needed just to stare atadmire the graffiti. There is a lot it around the area that I  just find clever or interesting.

At some point around 3 AM, I decided I’ve had enough and am dying to go to sleep. I was offered a ride from someone else in the group. Oh boy! It was the scariest ride in my life, but I made it home alive. Boys and girls, don’t ever drink and drive!

Saturday, we decided to try to make a trip to Smorgasbord in Williamsburg, except I got the location mixed up and we ended up in Brooklyn Flea.
This is NOT Smorgasbord. 😦

Also, there were so many things that went wrong trying to get there. But, Brooklyn/Williamsburg is a really chill place. It seems like a big hipster scene, and there’s lots of graffiti there as well.
Wandering the streets of Williamsburg. Apparently, we were going the wrong way.

More graffiti:
I really like the stairs.

And then, we finally made it!
But, by then people are starting to clean up. 😦

Still, it was pretty.
We didn’t end up at Smorgasbord until the last half hour before it closed. I was able to eat 1 people’s pop bar and that was it. (The cantaloupe and ginger bar was quite tasty, but I would have liked some more ginger in it.) Suffice it to say, I was really really hungry later on. However, from what was left of the food there, it was quite tasty looking.

For example:
Apparently you can get a whole pig’s head. I was staring at it and one of the guys behind the table asked if I was going to get it. As much as I like to eat, I doubt me and friends could have finished it off. I like the concept though. You can eat all parts of the animal here.

One of my co-workers even gave me a bunch of organic carrots from the farm that she works on (Brooklyn Grange).
They were really pretty carrots, with such nice colors and healthy-looking stalks.

However, It was a little awkward because afterwards we went to a art fair and I was just walking around with a bunch of carrots in me hand. I got a couple stares and I did consider on munching on them while walking around, but did not.

Fortunately, we had a filling dinner in Chinatown, but I don’t have pictures from that because I was too hungry and too excited about the food to take pictures.


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