That really stinks, please give me some more

I think I need to reiterate why I like Fridays.

I get to work in the city. I get to work at Siggi’s. I get to work on an interesting project. I get to eat skyr. Oh yeah, I also get to eat cheese, because we’ve had a cheese party the last two times I’ve been at work.
Luscious, rich, fatty cheese melting in your mouth. Smacking down on those wonderfully earthy fungus-produced bites of goodness.

I used to think I really liked soft cheese, the type that you can spread, but I’ve come to realize that the hard and crumbly types are just as tasty. They have a nuttiness that you can’t quite get with the soft ones. But, I also really like this blue cheese.
I’m also sorry, I don’t remember any of their names. I just remember that this blue cheese smelled really strong.

There were also wonderfully sweet and ripe organic tomatoes to snack on and fresh honey.
Which were brought in by Stephanie, who also works on the Brooklyn Grange Farm, which is a commercial organic farm that’s located on rooftops. I think thats pretty cool. It means you can get fresh and local organic produce in the city.


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