The people you meet in New York before brunch

2 Sundays ago I finally went back to Cha-an. This time I got the butter breads. This is, of course, after the night I stay out until 7:30 am and meet random people in the streets at 5 am, who later join my friends for karaoke in Ktown. And, indeed, people are still getting trashed from the hours of 5-7 am, which I feel only happens to twenty-somethings in New York. I was probably too sober for the night, but this was right after my horrible experience with bad Sangria, so I wasn’t going there.

Anyways, by the time I woke up, I was starving, which meant I practically ran to Cha-an as soon as I got off the 6.

I managed to convince Will to get the Smoked Salmon Butter Bread, something savory to complement my sweet dish.
Toasted Salmon Butter Bread
I have to admit, I was a little envious. On my very hungry stomach the savory was preferable to the sweet, but I was mainly just hungry.

I promise, the Smoked Salmon Butter Bread was every bit as luscious as it looks here.
Toasted Salmon Butter Bread Macro
I kind of want to go back to Cha-an to eat it again.

Then, there was what I came to get: Red Bean Butter Bread.
Red Bean Butter Bread
It really was just as good as the reviews had promised. I pretty much scarfed it down, and immediately felt sick from so much sugar, but oh well.

This scrumptious item was a Japanese bread filled with red bean and topped with whipped cream, matcha ice cream and red bean.
Red Bean Butter Bread Macro
I imagine I will have dreams about how good this was either because it was truly that good or because I was just really hungry, and anything tastes good as long as your hungry.

We also got some dessert items and tea.
Cha-an tea dessert assortment
The tea was good this time, not over-steeped. But I still feel kind of “meh” about their dessert assortments. This assortment also included another macaron.
Mint and matcha macaron @ Cha-an
It was a mint and matcha macaron. Mint cookie with matcha filling. I always feel like they put too much filling in their macarons, but I suppose if you want strong flavor, you get strong flavor. From what I can tell the assortments are kind of “whatevers”, but the actual dessert items are pretty awesome. I think I’ll have to try the Earl Grey Flan next time.


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