Drinking in the (Mulberry) Project and Italian Sweets

One of the discoveries I made this weekend was that I am much less inclined to be sick after drinking on an empty stomach than I am on a full stomach. Or rather, I should wait a long time after I eat before I begin to drink. Long story short was that Friday night would have been much more pleasant for me than it was if I had laid off the cheap room temperature sangria. But other than that it was a lot of fun!

Sorry for the bad pictures in advance. Dim lighting + trying to be inconspicuous do not make the best photos. I wasn’t even planning on showing these, but Mulberry Project was worth a mention even if the night wasn’t one of my bests.

The night started out with a nice drink at Mulberry Project.
Mulberry Project is a speak-easy style bar and lounge that specializes in mixed drinks. On their chalkboard menu on the left side of the bar is a list of different ingredients like ginger, strawberry, watermelon, rosewater, etc. Choose any of those ingredients and the bartender will make you a delicious mixed drink from those ingredients. I have to say, I’m a real big fan of bespoke drinks. I really like nicely crafted drinks that make you pucker and smack your lips. I like the type of drinks that you can sort of just sip for a while. However, If you’re looking for a nice quiet place for a drink, Mulberry Project is not for you. I got there around 8:00 pm on a Friday night and it was already pretty loud. Not to mention, there is some serious mixing going on at the bar here, which includes some serious cocktail mixer pounding on the bar table.

As you can see, the bar is made out of steel for the bartender to pound the night away on. They really do mean business. In fact, the conversation was occasionally interrupted by the pounding on the bar. I don’t really think I understood the meaning of ‘shaken not stirred’ until Mulberry Project.
It was also really nice that the bartender was very knowledgeable about the different flavors that went into the drinks and could provide recommendations for good flavor combinations. It probably also helped that he was pretty cute and hand a sexy italian/spanish accent.

One of my friends, Will, wanted a drink with espresso and it turned out delicious.
I, on the otherhand, got a rosewater + watermelon drink. I think the best way to describe my drink in taste is “pretty”. I say it tasted “pretty” because the flavors were just mixed in such a great way and the rosewater was reminiscent of a garden party. None of the flavors came on too strong, which shows the skill of the bartender. I always feel like floral flavors tend to be too reminiscent of either just flowers or soap. For example, the lavender sundae at Le Rouge Tomate tastes like dish soap. But, my drink was really good. Rosewater by itself is pretty fragrant, but the addition of the watermelon helped mellow it out to make it seem less floral. Then there was a hint of sour in it as well, which made it a pretty refreshing combination.

Afterwards, I went to grab some dinner down the street. This is where the night started going downhill, food reaction-wise.
The above is cheap sangria at Il Piccolo Bufalo. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this place too much. The pizza was decent. The Sangria was room temperature, which means it was pretty awful. The service was horrible and the waitress was kind of a bitch. That being said, I might not have been so harsh on this place if I hadn’t been vomiting down a toilet in Ferrara Bakery and Cafe half an hour later.

After finishing the pizza at Il Piccolo Bufalo, I went around the corner to Ferrara Bakery & Cafe for dessert. At that point the mixture of cheese and sangria in my stomach was starting to turn into a very very violent storm. For some reason though, dessert still sounded like a good idea. (Maybe it’s because I eat with my eyes too.)
We got a napoleon, strawberry cheminee, and a dacquoise. Personally, I thought it was a little bit too sweet, but that might have just been my reaction from the sangria in my stomach.

They were so pretty!
Unfortunately, as soon as I finished eating I basically threw it all up. >_<

But, I still think it was good. I probably should try going back to Ferrera when I’m not sick from cheap sangria.


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