Oh Chelsea, my days with you are complete

This past weekend has just been crazy, but also a very fun foodie weekend full of memorable OM NOM NOM experiences.

So it’s really not often that I’ve gotten to explore Chelsea. Even though I work there on Fridays, I hadn’t really gotten a chance to walk around Chelsea until this past week.
This past Friday, I finally ventured out during my lunch break and managed to walk around Chelsea.

The thing that strikes me about Chelsea is probably the buildings. They’re like large blocks lined up next to each other. It’s as if some giant designed Chelsea with just a bunch of wooden blocks of the same shape and color (well, sort of).
The buildings just seem so much taller and more squished together than in other parts of the city. Yet, somehow Chelsea manages to be nicer than downtown but feel more home-y and friendly than the Upper East Side. In addition, the really tall buildings provide a nice relief from the sun when it’s really hot outside; I’ve never appreciated shade more. [Edit]Now that I think about it, Chelsea actually looks kind of like SoHo, but less crowded.[/Edit]

As I’ve said, I got a little bit more adventurous, so I asked my co-workers at the office for suggestions of places to go, with an emphasis on the part the “I really like pastries and baked goods”. One of the them, suggested that I go to City Bakery, so off I went in search of City Bakery on the 18th street.
From the outside, it looks pretty unassuming, but wait until you walk in.

City Bakery is a two floored establishment with a lower level that has a salad/pasta/super healthy eating area and check-out area lined with baked goods that will offset any amount of health eating you receive from the former area. The upper level is more dining space.
The aforementioned check-out at City Bakery.

Below, probably isn’t the most appetizing photo I could have taken of the line of baked goods, but I was holding a plate of super healthy food at the time as well, so my angle’s not the best.
Once again, this line will offset any sort of healthy eating done here. I ended up getting a coconut cookie, maple bacon scone and a baker’s muffin. Also, did I mention that every other person and their mom was carrying a yoga mat or wearing some sort of work-out gear? New Yorkers sure get their work out on.

This was my “super healthy” plate of food. It was something like red rice, pesto penne, kale salad and wasabi crusted tofu.
I can’t say it’s the most tasty food I’ve eaten mainly because I’m not sure I’m a huge kale fan, but it did taste really fresh and I think that made a big difference. It’s definitely not bad for healthy daily eating. This plate also filled me up pretty fast, even though I felt like I was just eating greens.

This was the baker’s muffin.
It actually wasn’t as moist as I would have liked it to be, but I imagine it would have been perfect if I had some coffee at that time. It also sort of felt like a muffin shape monkey bread.

The real star of this show was probably the bacon maple scone. This mixture of savory and sweet would have been perfect for afternoon tea.
I feel like part of the reason why I like this was because everyone else liked it (I’m clearly not indifferent to outside influences), but it was well balanced. It was salty with nice bacon bits in there and you could just get that hint of maple sugar. (Real maple syrup is so much better than that fake shit. It really makes a difference.)

Did I mention that next door to City Bakery is this really cute paper store?
I am clearly a big sucker for pretty packaging and gold-lined pieces of paper. However, I did manage enough self-restraint to prevent myself from buying another notebook.

On my way back to the office I managed to be even more gluttonous. I stopped by Cool Haus for one of their gourmet ice cream sandwiches.
They looked like they had really interesting flavors like pistachio and black truffle, which sadly I did not get.

Instead, I got Guinness chocolate chip ice cream with red velvet cookies.
The Guinness was more like a coffee flavor, which the guy in the truck did warn me, but I love my Guinness. Sadly, the ice cream was not Guinness-y enough. The red velvet cookies were a little bit too dry for my taste, but they did manage to stain my lips red.

And what would make my lunch break complete? A visit to Financier.
I bet you can guess what I got.

A macaron, a giant pistachio macaron to be specific.
For some reason, the macaron wasn’t as moist and cake-y as the giant banana caramel macaron that I got at Grand Central, but it was still good. I think it might have been due to the fact that pistachio is a drier ingredient, and therefore the cookie was drier?


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