I love my job; I get to eat

Well, not exactly. My job isn’t to eat food when I’m in NYC, but there’s a lot of food in and out of the office.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I work for the company responsible for Siggi’s Skyr. I’m only there once a week, which makess me feel more like an outside consultant than an actual employee, but I really like the work environment there.

When I’m there, I can eat lots of yogurt.
Look how fluffy it is.

In addition, occasionally there is other food there.
This was the haul that they brought back from the Fancy Foods Show in Washington D.C. There were stuffed peppers, chocolate, Belgian waffles, fancy salsa, etc.

I got to eat some of it.

And take some of it home.
…which was promptly enjoyed back in Jina’s apartment.

Also, I know it might not seem like it, but real work does get done there. xD


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