Simple pleasures in passionately colored fruit

Came into the city on Thursday night as usual. However, this week was slightly more special since Saturday is Jina’s birthday. Originally, coming into the city I had hoped to get some pastries from Bouchon. Unfortunately, the grocer that sold the Bouchon goodies were closed at 8 pm. 😦 Instead I walked around SoHo until I got a few things from the best chocolate cake

The name sounds particularly lofty, especially for a really small shop in SoHo/NoLita, so you’re really expecting it to be super good.
Above, we got a traditional slice of the chocolate cake, then a medium small semi-sweet cake, and finally custard tart.

The chocolate cake was a bit a of a let down for me, mainly because I was expecting a dense, satisfyingly sweet, mouthful of chocolate-y goodness. Instead I got a mouthful of chocolate cream and meringue cake? The combination of the meringue cake and the chocolate cake makes it extremely light and (in my opinion) not that satisfying. Jina called it the opposite of a flourless chocolate cake, which its very true. It’s not dense, its very light and airy. I wouldn’t really call it a true cake just because the “cake” part of it is meringue.

Look closely and you’ll see that the actual “cake” parts of the cake are very sparse.

So on the way to Jina’s apartment, I passed by the fruit stalls. This time they had sugar plums on sale.

For some reason, these sugar plums caught my whim. I thought they would go well with the chocolate cake, so I bought four.
They were actually very ripe and sweet (very juicy and best cold). For some reason, in my mind plums are supposed to be intensely sweet and tart. However, whenever I actually buy plums they almost always inevitably are just tart. Alas, I’m such a sucker for their colors though. I love the deep reds and different shades of pinks that plums come in.


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