Mommy dearest: family visits.

This past weekend I didn’t really stay in the city that long. I came in Thursday night around 8 pm and then left Saturday evening after dinner. Part of the reason for such a short visit was that my mother was visiting from home. Last week was a little bit of a family reunion for my mother’s side of the family. My grandparents, my aunt and her bratty little kids were all present at my uncle’s place. My grandparents have taken up extended residence at my uncle’s place which means lots of tradition Chinese food has been and will be cooked at home. (My grandmother made fresh youtiao and pan-fried red bean buns already!)

I don’t think I mentioned it, but I ended up getting the internship with The Icelandic Milk and Skyr Corporation, or makers of Siggi’s Skyr. (Really tasty stuff if you like super tart but equally creamy yogurt. It’s not runny like Greek yogurt sometimes is.) This means that I get a chance to go into the city every week. (Yay! More food time!)

In terms of food, this past weekend was fairly tame, except I got food poisoning from bad oysters at Gahm Mi Oak. Definitely not a pleasant experience as I ended up slightly delirious and feverish on Sunday as a result. I won’t hold it against them too much. Just next time if I go there, I will insist on switching the food if it tastes fishy, instead of drowning it in kimchi. (In case anyone is wondering I had the bossam that came with oysters, which probably has a name but I cannot recall it for the life of me right now.) I also want to go there and try food that I’m not likely to get food poisoning from like their ox-tail soup and sulong tang. No pictures from this dinner as it was mainly about the person I was eating with and not the food.

Saturday morning, my mum got into the city and wanted me to show her around. I took her to the MoMA because I didn’t want to do the hour commute on the subway all the way uptown to the Met. 😦 In fact, my mum actually got tired of walking around first (blame the heels). We did end up walking around SoHo and got some really cute cupcakes at Baked by Melissa. Flavors below are S’mores, cinnamon, red velvet.
tiny cupcakes @ baked by melissa

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of cupcakes because I find them too sweet half the time. Well, I like these cupcakes from Baked mainly because they’re mini! Bite-sized treats that you don’t have to take more than one bite of if you don’t like it.
I did find that they were a tad on the sweet side for me, but since they were bite-sized I really didn’t mind too much.

For dinner, mum took us out. We went to Tartinery in NoLita. We got two tartines, pink sangria, tarte tatin (no picture because I got too excited and just ate it).

Saint Marcellin Tartine
saint marcellin
Jina got this yummy prosciutto number.

Crevette Avocat
crevette avocat
The tartines were pretty tasty. Mine was on the lighter taste side (something between bland and refreshing, but I liked it). I will admit that while I enjoyed it, tartines seem something more like glorified toast, but oh well (still too much effort for me to make easily at home).

Look at the pretty layers of avocado, shrimp and greens.
crevette avocat macro

The pink sangria was pretty, but unfortunately due to the previous nights dinner, alcohol was not making me feel any better.
pink sangria1
I think it was also on the sweet side.

Pink sangria with fresh berries!
pink sangria @ tartinery

After dinner I got on the bus back to Jersey with my mum, but not before discovering that there’s this little grocery in Soho on Broadway that sells pastries from Bouchon!
I will have to do a cake/pastry sampler some time in the future.


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