Stumbling home with dreams of xiaolongbao and espresso.

I guess I didn’t finish telling about my fourth of July weekend. Basically to sum it up, on Friday I was bar-hopping/karaoking until 6 am, which was the first time this happened. If I remember correctly, latest I’ve ever stayed out in the past was 4 am. Yes, I am a bit of an old lady. I like to be in bed by midnight; if its a late night by 2/3 am. In addition, I don’t like to eat after 9 pm, unless I am stress eating, so I also tend to have no energy for such late night revelries. That being said, Friday night I stayed out until 6 am. Then, on Sunday night, I stayed out until 6 am. @_@

But, I survived.

In between this, I didn’t get to go anywhere particularly neat to eat, but I had my first Xiaolongbao ever. I thought I knew what bao was, but xiaolongbao took bao to a new level for me.  It doesn’t feel as stuffing as eating a normal bao, but is just as enjoyable. Who can describe the pleasant surprise of biting into one of these soup bao and having your soup spoon flood with the juicy meat broth? The idea of eating xiaolongbao will always be quite appetizing to me. First you carefully pick up the xiaolongbao from the basket and carefully place it in your soup spoon. Then you take a nibble at the skin and suddenly the meat broth comes flooding out into your spoon! You eat the bao, enjoying the bite-sized or two bite bao in all its meaty-filling glory; then slurp up the meat broth in your spoon, all without dripping any onto your plate. Joe’s Shanghai took my xiaolongbao virginity. I will never forget it.

This xiaolongbao was from Shanghai Cafe on Mott. According to, this bao is supposed to be better than Joe’s Shanghai, but I burned my tongue upon eating it, so I can’t truly compare. (Damn you impatience!)
close up xiaolongbao @ shanghai cafe

Xiaolongbao in its natural habitat
xiaolongbao :3

Sunday was spent walking around SoHo area and then going to Nikki Lounge in the evening.
Walking down Broadway in SoHo.

Of course, before the evening came, we were also getting bubble tea.

And getting our drink on at 3rd Floor in Ktown. I ordered a mojito, while Jina opted for the pina colada.
My mojito was a perfect blend of sour and minty-freshness. They’re refreshing, and when made right, there’s no edge in the alcohol.

Jina’s pina colada.
There was also overwhelming sweetness that makes you feel sick, just smooth coconut and rum.

Afterwards, we went to Nikki Lounge, which was surprisingly crowded for never having heard of it. I think we only managed to get in because we got bottle service. Did I mention that bottle service came in the form of flaming bottles of ciroc?
Nikki Lounge bottle service

The next morning, of course, I got coffee. We went to Ground Support in SoHo. While also doing latte art, Ground Support’s cappucinos were definitely not as tasty as La Colombe or Ninth Street Espresso. Nonetheless, the coffee came in pretty cups and shop had this bareboned aesthetic. I will also say that the almond croissant was no where near as nice as the ones I get at La Colombe on White. I guess one redeeming feature was that the baristas were really cool looking. By cool looking, I guess I mean they sported tattoos and facial hair, which I find really amusing in my baristas.

One thing I particularly liked about this place was the lighting I was able to get for my pictures.
Look at that frothy cup of awakening goodness!

Almond croissant from Ground Support.
Look decent here.

And here.
However, it was not as flaky or rich, which I will attribute to not using enough butter. 😦


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