TGIF: MoMA visit and wandering the city

This past Friday I had to make up some work since I only worked half the day on Thursday. As a result I had the afternoon off after work. After work I ended up meeting a friend and going to the MoMA


In the past, I’ve gone to the Met and the Met Opera, but never the MoMA. (It’s a real shame that I missed the Tim Burton exhibit they had hear a couple years ago.) The MoMA was a lot of fun and really great. I got to see my favorite Van Gogh piece, Starry Night.

However, I have to say that if you’re not really into modern art, the experimental kind that is, you should probably start from the top floors and work youre way down rather than starting from floor one. The MoMa is structured such that the really famous pieces, the impressionists and pop art, are on the top floors. I know I definitely started from the bottom first, but quickly got a little frustrated as I didn’t really understand some of the really modern pieces. Also, buying one of those audio guides would have been useful as well. I didn’t do that, but I’d definitely do that next time I go. In fact, I think I’ll do that for the Met when I go visit again.

I’ve posted some of my photos here, but the complete set is on my flickr (same for all my photos).
Cezanne! The artist himself

This piece is called Triptych by Francis Bacon.
For some reason, I really liked this piece. Apparently, the artist Bacon has done quite a few Triptychs. A triptych is usually a three panel painting that is hinged together and folded. The middle panel is usually the largest, but in this case all panels are the same size. They’re pretty standard in Christian art, but I really like the abstractness of Bacon’s Triptych. In fact, I like this one the best out of all this Triptychs. There’s something about the black abyssness of his background and how raw the lower bodies look in these panels.

Another interesting piece I saw was “Little Girl”
I didn’t take a picture of the placard, but I remember it had something about how the artist wanted to create a piece that represented what was most important to him in life, which unsurprisingly was/is his penis. However, it’s titled “Little Girl” to be somewhat more ambiguous.

There were lots of other intriguing pieces, but I feel like if I talk about them all, this post will go on forever. After walking through the floors in the MoMa, the sculptural garden (I think that’s what it’s called) is a nice little place where vistors can sit and enjoy the nice weather.
MoMa garden

There’s a lot of Picasso in this garden.

There’s also this Wish Tree, sponsored by Yoko Ono, in the garden.
wish tree

After the MoMA, We took a walk around the Rockefeller Plaza and found that fancy chocolatier, La Maison de Chocolat.
la maison du chocolat

They had macarons, so I had to have my obligatory macaron.
I ended up getting raspberry, caramel and pistachio. All of the macarons had a rich chocolate ganache filling.

Look how pretty they are!
raspberry macaron1

Later in the evening I ended up barhopping w/ Jina and managed to pass by the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck. van leeuwen ice cream truck

It was super tasty, I got a small with a scoop of Earl Grey and a scoop of ginger ice cream.
ginger and earl grey ice cream


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