So this is what city-life is like

I came into the city last night because I had an interview with The Iceland Milk and Skyr Corporation, which is the company that produced Siggi’s Skyr (super good super tart icelandic yogurt, skyr, if you’re into that type of stuff). The interview went well. I’m pretty excited to be working with a with this startup that makes something that I really like.

Anyways, this morning I had the plan of getting breakfast and then heading over to Chelsea to stake out the area and do some studying. That didn’t quite happening. I managed to get breakfast at La Colombe, which has serious serious coffee. They apparently also opened a shop in Chicago, which I’m pretty excited about. (Yay for good coffee!) Breakfast was a cappuccino and an almond croissant served on really pretty china.
breakfast at la colombe

For some reason the coffee wasn’t quite the same level of awesome as the coffee that I got at Ninth Street, but maybe that because they don’t brew Intelligentsia. However it was still quite good. Unfortunately, this is really ruining all other coffee for me as now I have no desire to drink coffee at starbucks or the keurig blends available at work. It’s really quite unfortunate.

Cappuccino at La Colombe. Look how creamy and frothy it is!

The almond croissant was also quite good. It was a little heavy for me since I like really light breakfasts unless I’m getting brunch. It was super buttery, but not the flaky, which I like.
almond croissant

Afterwards, I had a little bit of a snafu and instead of going to Chelsea ended up in Queens. Fortunately, thanks to my roommate and Jina I ended up in the right place. After my interview I went to work int eh T/W Life building. The AC is really killing me. I can’t work there unless I have a sweater. After work (+ office hours), I met up with Jina at l’asso, which makes fabulous thin crust pizza.

Inside l’asso.

So we got the Pistachio Prophet pizza which had smoked mozzarella, pistachio, pest and topped off with arugula and parmesean. It was a really but not too light pizza, if that makes any sense. Jina and I both agreed that the smoked mozzarella gave it a more substantial feeling.
pistachio prophet1
Look at that pizza in all its glory.

Close up macro shot.
pistachio prophet

In addition there were some appetizers consisting of olives and pita. Somehow olives always disappoint me a little bit because I expect them to be crunchy, but the never are unless they’re the preserved type that I can only get in China.

Olives, pita + olive oil.

For dessert we ordered a scoop of olive oil and a scoop of caramel gelato. Olive oil gelato is surprisingly light and refreshing. It vaguely reminds me of taro for some reason (I think its the buttery, oily hint to it). This was the first time I’ve had olive oil gelato. The caramel was also good, but it was heavier than the olive oil, also super buttery and toffee-ish, the way caramel should be. Sorry for the bad picture.
caramel and olive oil gelato
The scoop on the left is caramel and the one on the right is olive oil.

I’d say it was a pretty good night for a hard day’s work. Although, this is more or less what I imagined urban life of the yuppie to be.


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