Ode to a well done Macaron

People who know me probably know that I really like macarons. I don’t want to jump on the whole macaron craze, and say I love them, but they’re fairly fun to eat. They remind me something of a petit four. During finals week of my winter quarter I used to walk to the library in the morning to go study for the day and my one reprieve was stopping by Bonjour Bakery and grabbing two macarons and a mocha. I’d walk to campus and eat them on my way trying to savor the filling. Well, it seems that NYC has them in almost all pastry shops, which somewhat takes the excitement out of them.

I am by no means of a macaron expert. I just really enjoy them and have attempted to make them (that was an interesting experience). But I do have to say, not all macarons are created equal. Even more so, finding a good macaron is kind of rare. For example, when I was at Cha-an (more about cha-an later) one of the desserts in the sampler was a matcha macaron. The macaron cookie was unfortunately rather dry, while the filling was overly wet (almost a little bit runny). That is not a good macaron.

Looks tasty right?

Unfortunately, as soon as I bit into it, it just crumbled. You can see that the cookie shell just kind of died here:
matcha macaron
(sorry, not a very good pictures)

In addition, the filling is just kind of dripping out. Very messing to eat.

What I think is a good macaron consists of having a shell that’s filled and isn’t too dry, and then a filling that stays put.
banana macaron2
You can see that the filling isn’t dripping out here. It’s just enough such that the filling isn’t going to overpower the cookie shell. Although, I don’t know if I’d call this a real macaron, the inside of the cooked was suspiciously like a cake. Alshough, I wonder if it was so cakey, how did they get such beautiful feet?

banana macaron1

Anyways, Financier’s giant macaron/cake cookie/whatever you want to call it beat Cha-an’s matcha macaron.


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