Crazy NYC Days + Nights: Part I

Thursday, June 16th

Thursday after work, which included a full 8 hours of saving photos to a database (so much fun), I took a bus into the city and left for the weekend. Upon arriving, I went to Chinatown to meet up with my wonderful PMom and PSis. Got there, and got taken to Essex for $1 oyster happy hour. I drank mine with a cold pint of Guinness (the best drink in the world). The oysters and sauce were delicious. Hanna also got calamari, which was particularly tasty with the beer. (What is it about fried things and beer?)


I love oysters.

Hanna and Jina at Essex. We had a good time.

After Essex, we headed out and about to another bar Pianos. Was more of an indie, live music scene. The drinks were strong (at least for me). Later we just chatted the night away.

The city at night

Friday, June 17th

This was the night I got pretty trashed, but it was lots of fun. We walked around in the morning. I went to Financier in Grand Central and got a giant (banana caramel) macaron.
banana macaron3
Macarons as big as your palms!

We also visited Magnolia, which I didn’t eat. I had never heard about Magnolia being famous for cupcakes (go figure), but its apparently overly over-hyped. To me it isn’t as big of a deal since I’m not particularly into cupcakes anyways. I like my pastry shops with tarts, pannacottas, macarons and millefeuilles. (Yes, I am a bit of a pastry snob.)

Look at the beautiful display in Financier:

Afterwards, Jina took me to Buttercup, but that will merit it’s own entry and for dinner we went to Kenka in St. Mark’s. This was really tasty. I got their Okonomiyaki which was followed by a night of revelry (by which I mean bar hopping) where I promptly got very drunk. At one point I think I remarked to Jina about how the concrete looked like a very nice place to sleep.

St. Mark’s
st marks

Waiting outside Kenka. There was an hour wait (supposed to be 30 mins. It was more like 45 mins) The food was decent. I really liked the okonomiyaki, but the oyakodon was not quite seasoned the way I liked it (it was fairly under-seasoned). My roommate makes much better oyakodon.


Inside Kenka, the decor was really cool. They also played Japanese Enka, which added this retro ambiance.

Afterwards, we got gelato at Gelateria Classica. We got their pistachio, panna cotta and cinnamon raison flavoured.

The turning point of the night was probably the watermelon soju. It all went downhill from there.

Places visited:
Thursday – Essex, Pianos
Friday – Kenka, Search & Destroy (vintage shop), Gelateria Classica, Boka, Buttercup, Financier


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