Paperwork: An excuse to visit NYC

[Edit] I’ve added a couple of pictures I took from wandering down the street in NYC. It’s actually fairly tedious to upload all the photos into wordpress. If anyone knows an easier way, let me know. I might have to go back to using flickr.[/Edit]

Monday was supposed to be my first day of work. Instead, I filled out paperwork in the NYC office, which is right next to Times Square. The Time Life Building is apparently where all the magical magazine production happens for InStyle, UsWeekly, and other Time Warner distributed magazines. I also swear I saw some models in reception waiting to be let up to the InStyle office. I was really tempted to take photos of them, but then I realized that its kind of unusual to do that in a reception room.

Most notable things of the day: Wandering out around NYC like the tourist I am taking pictures of things. I even got a couple of food shots. Eating from a foodtruck (I had a spicy gyro, spicy enough to give you heartburn afterwards).

So my uncle was at the Chinese consulate to get some paperwork done. In the meantime, I decided to walk around the city. I was walking down 42nd street and managed to wander myself over the Times Square. In passing by it I saw some yummy food (that I didn’t get to eat.)

Later, when I went to the Time Life Building to get my paperwork filled out, I managed to find the MOMA. Pretty excited to go there soon. XD


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