Places I’d like to visit (NYC)

So tentatively, here are places in NYC that I should visit before the end of the summer. (Mostly food)
[updated 8/1/11]

Note: My links are normally to the restaurant webpage, but in cases where I could not find one, or was simply too lazy to find it, I just pulled the page review/listing from There are tons of reviews on I highly recommend them. Also, If you’re looking to find places to eat in NYC, I’d say is also a good place. Then, in addition, just keep your ears/stomachs open. You may be pleasantly surprised.


  • popbar: link
  • il laboratorio del gelato: link
  • spot dessert bar: link
  • love gelato: link
  • l’arte del gelato: link
  • dessert club: link
  • ronnybrook milk bar: link
  • Lady M: link
  • Two Little Red Hens: link
  • Baked: link
  • Momofuku Milkbar: link
  • Amorino: link
  • The Queens Kickshaw: link
  • la Colombelink
  • Vandaaglink


  • Mulberry Projectlink
  • Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs: link
  • Nights and Weekends: link

This is getting to be quite the list.


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