Summer here I come!

I’m at midway airport right now and am only online after paying the $6.95 to access the web. (Ugh) My flight is delayed 30 mins. >.<

So let’s state the purpose of this blog, to keep in touch with all my wonderful line sisters/friends back in Chicago/rest of the world. More specifically, my plans for this summer are to work work work for Time Warner Retail and to do some research for my BA. In addition to this, I will

1) attempt to learn some Swedish,
2) take a lot of photos of food,
3) take a lot of photos of my wanderings, and
4) post random things that I find amusing. It will be fun (hopefully)!

So being me, and being dumb and not very well prepared, I left my digital camera in my apartment in Chicago. D= I guess I’ll have to figure out something when I get to NJ. I’m excited!

BTW I will change this ugly layout soon.


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